Our Digital Services

Quantity take-off:
Our team of experienced and qualified quantity surveyors undertake all quantity surveying related professional services, including but not limited to: Project Payment requests, Monthly invoices, Construction planning, Project Consulting, Cost management, Detailed accurate budget estimations for planning, procurement and construction stages, Risk management and associated calculation. Plus, many more quantity surveying related services tailored to your needs.
Tenders / Bids:
For a Quantity Takeoff / BOQ we use the architectural, structural drawings and specification documents you provide to quantify all the materials needed to complete the project. You can then apply your own material prices and labor rates for quoting and tendering purposes. We customize our takeoff to accommodate individual preferences and requirements. You are provided with an adjustable Excel sheet and marked up PDF plans/drawings.
Cost Estimation:
Our team of experienced quantity surveyors can provide you Budget Cost Estimate which include overall costs for the building proposal or existing property, labor costs, materials costs & the overall plant costs. This cost estimate is based on the: Size, Type and Location of the build or existing building. It suits: Developers; Builders; Insurers; Finance providers & Homeowner Builders of both residential and commercial projects wanting to know the approximate cost of the build. This estimate can either be based on concept drawings, artist impressions, basic or limited information of the existing or future build. We also have the service of Estimating costs for specific categories (external walls, internal walls, windows & doors, etc.)
Drafting (2D/3D):
Our excellent team of skilled professionals is capable of handling CAD-based designing, 2D CAD Drafting, Architectural CAD Services, Structural CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, Paper to CAD.... etc. Our on-field and off-field experts provide accurate and cost-effective CAD Drafting Services. We have years of experience in providing CAD services to clients in the UAE & Jordan.
Our architectural drafting services include but are not limited to: Finishing Shop drawings (Floors & Walls Tilling, Soffit Details, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Block Distribution, Painting), Sections and Plans, Elevations, Windows, Doors and Finishing Schedule, Stair Plans.
Our Structural CAD Drafting services range from Structural steel detailing, Rebar detailing, Bar Bending Schedule, Structure 3d model, Structural Design, and Structural Analysis. Our professional team of structural engineering consultants has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of structural services and is adept at delivering structural steel detailing and rebar detailing services.
3D Interior & Exterior Visualization:
Our team of experienced designers can produce 3D models to help our clients bring to life and visualize their construction projects before they are even built. 3D modelling is an advanced technical process that helps to define critical details and interfaces of the building, this can help to identify any issues prior to arriving on site. We use 3D Studio Max visualization and then render it using 3D Studio Max visualization. It can ultimately save time and money for our clients and it costs less than you would imagine.